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Meet the Designer

About Alison

Hello. My name is Alison and I'm addicted to Pickleball. 
I also prefer my puns fully intended.

The ones that know me best would tell you that I'm outgoing, a jokester, a loud mouth, and the icebreaker in any crowd. I was made for a community-driven sport like Pickleball.

I was raised by two tennis avid players but despite their best efforts and countless hours with them at the tennis club... I just never loved playing. The only game we usually found ourselves playing and enjoying as a whole family was Ping Pong. I chose soccer and volleyball instead and played both through high school. I still play sand volleyball year-round, even in the exotic sands of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

I was first introduced to Pickleball during a quick trip to Huntington Beach 4 years ago. I didn't get to play for long, but it was just enough to fuel my competitive spirit. When I came back, I told my parents about Pickleball confident that we would all enjoy playing. But at that time, Pickleball wasn't nearly as popular in Ohio, and finding a place to play wasn't easy. Years later and during the early months of the pandemic, my parents relocated to a golf club community just a few minutes from our home. It was there that Pickleball courts became readily available to them and we've been playing frequently ever since. We started with some basics and depended on YouTube videos to help us decipher the rules. Now I'm a member of the Middletown Pickleball Associated and the Cincinnati Pickleball Club. Like the rest of us, I try to play as much as possible! 

About Pun With Pickleball 

I've been playing Pickleball regularly for the past few years and was disappointed in the apparel that was available for a new Pickleball enthusiast like myself. It was clear to me that most of the creators of the casual t-shirts I saw online had never played the sport, but I'm also not a professional and didn't want to invest in expensive ensembles just to dink around.

I really wanted to create something with a better balance that offered both a love of the game and a wide assortment of options for Pickleball players of every skill level. And now here we are at! I have the .com as well, but where's the pun in that?! 

As you look around the site, you'll notice that the designs are consistent in their font and colors. These design choices have created the Pun With Pickleball brand that I have come to love so much. As you're shopping, you'll notice filters on the left side of the screen that allow you to find exactly what you're looking for and help you create matching outfits, find your partner the perfect gift, or narrow down to the Pickleball t-shirt of your dreams. You'll find that many designs feature several carefully chosen, gender-neutral brand colors and if you want to put together coordinating tops and bottoms, use the filter to find your favorite:

  • Court = Bright Blue
  • Pickle = Radioactive Yellow/Green
  • Sunburn = Coral Red

I hope it's obvious that I love the game as much as I love to laugh... and as much as I love to make others laugh. I also want you to walk onto every Pickleball court feeling confident in your slightly snarky, totally rad Pickleball apparel and accessories.

Welcome to and I certainly hope you enjoy your shopping experience. If you can't find something you just have to have, let me know and we'll make you a custom design! I also make designs for leagues, and tournaments and even have customizable Pickleball trading cards. You can reach me at

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